16 HP Tractor
Blizzard of 1997
Circular and chain saw
Chain Saw in Action
Push cart
Quick Hitches
Quick hitch cart
Snowblower on a 16HP
Two Hitches
Utility Scoop

Vee Plow
Wide Sod Cutter


Utility Scoop

After dumping the load it can also be spread quite effectively.  The bucket is balanced to return to the level position when emptied.  In the position pictured, the operator need only push down on the handles to have the bucket level out.

Here is a picture from a 1964 instruction manual showing the scoop in a dumping position.


Lucky Find


Actuator Lever
Latch pin close up
Latch pin close up, 2
Latch pin hole
Latch pins engaged
Pivot point
Release lever
Return spring
Return spring 2