16 HP Tractor
Blizzard of 1997
Circular and chain saw
Chain Saw in Action
Push cart
    Push cart with 7.6HP tractor.  51 KB Pushcart axle.  30 KB Rear view of tractor and push cart.  38 KB Push cart close up.  41 KB Push cart yoke closeup.  29 KB

Quick Hitches
Quick hitch cart
Snowblower on a 16HP
Two Hitches
Utility Scoop
Vee Plow
Wide Sod Cutter


Pushcart project

My push cart project started in 1999 with the purchase of a Gravely push cart frame for $15.00.   Nobody at the Hause Equipment swap meet knew what the frame was except me! I knew that it would not be too much trouble to figure out how to use it.

I first tried using a wheelbarrow with the frame but the center of gravity was too high.

When I found a local landscape contractor who was selling a junk Promaster 50 and some other Gravely stuff, I knew I had some great material to work with for the push cart. I used the frame and the wheels of the Promaster to build a very solid platform.

I still need to add sides and a dumping latch mechanism, but it is getting close.