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Blizzard of 1997
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Chain Saw in Action
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Quick hitch cart

Snowblower on a 16HP
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Quick hitch cart project

This cart project was built by my brother in Kansas City.  He can actually justify having Gravely tractors since he lives on an acre.  A very nice second tier lake front acre with lots of big trees and grass.

He started with a quick hitch hanger frame from a 50" walkbehind mower deck that I sold him.  I believe I bought it at the Hause Equipment Swap Meet some time ago.

He created a level base for the bed of the cart with some carefully angled wood pieces, lots of heavy plywood and many big bolts.

So far the project has proven to be a complete success.  The cart pivots nicely on the quick hitch tapered pin and the wide wheel base of the casters make for a stable load.

He put me to shame on this project completing his in only a couple of months while my push cart project has not evolved a bit!