16 HP Tractor
Blizzard of 1997
Circular and chain saw
Chain Saw in Action
Push cart
Quick Hitches
Quick hitch cart
Snowblower on a 16HP
Two Hitches
Utility Scoop
Vee Plow
Wide Sod Cutter

  Tractor and Sulky
Roller Rest
Rear Close Up
Left Close Up
Left Rear Close Up
Sulky and Hitch
I always wanted a 16 HP Gravely go-cart!

To use the roller rest on the big tractor I needed to attach a hitch from an older Gravely tractor. It took a pair of flat pieces of steel and one simple welded bracket. It is holding up so far. The most stress I could exert on it so far is to travel as fast as possible in reverse and then slam it in to forward, and vise versa.

After leaving lots of tire patches on the sidewalk, and no broken welds or steel, I concluded the project a success!

One major disadvantage to this arrangement is the reduced attachment lift height. I simply cannot move the handle bars down as far as I used to.