16 HP Tractor
Blizzard of 1997
Circular and chain saw
    7.6HP tractor with a circular saw blade and a 16HP tractor with a chain saw.  13 KB 7.6HP tractor with a circular saw attachment.  24 KB 16HP tractor with a chainsaw attachment.20 KB Close up of the circular saw attachment.  25 KB

Chain Saw in Action
Push cart
Quick Hitches
Quick hitch cart
Snowblower on a 16HP
Two Hitches
Utility Scoop
Vee Plow
Wide Sod Cutter


Circular Saw and Chainsaw

I bought these two scary attachments at the Hause Equipment 1999 swap meet from two different sellers.  The chain saw is in perfect condition, and even came with a handle mounted oiler.   The circular saw on the other hand needs a new bearing.