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Blizzard of 1997
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Chain Saw in Action
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Snowblower on a 16HP
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Utility Scoop - A Lucky Find

Dear Steven,

Let me start by saying that if you do not believe this, I don't really blame you.  Here's the story, I was looking through club posts and I happened to see yours in regards to a utility scoop.  I really enjoyed the pictures, and said to myself, gee someday I'm going to find one of those.  The next day I was visiting with a gal in a dealership in another town near mine, that sells new Gravelys.  I mentioned to her that I was a fan of old Gravelys and she said "Yea we have some old units around here somewhere, I don't know what the owner is going to do with them, they have been here forever, we even have a bucket for one of them..........................."  I said "you don't mean a utility scoop?"  She said "I don't know that might be what they call it. .........." Needless to say, I said "Sold...it's mine, I'm coming to get it."

I've enclosed a picture, I am so happy that I caught your post, and later that you emailed me with info.....If you still need a pic of the small grader blade that fits on the front of the tool holder.....they have one of those also, and they are holding it for me.  I'll send you a picture when I get it home.....many thanks...

Al Bietz.


Lucky Find


Actuator Lever
Latch pin close up
Latch pin close up, 2
Latch pin hole
Latch pins engaged
Pivot point
Release lever
Return spring
Return spring 2