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Clutchless Quick Hitch

This is the earliest version of the quick hitch design. It did not use an integral clutch and instead relied on the hi/lo clutch in the tractor, which was not an ideal design.

And on the subject of no clutch, one of my site visitors e-mailed me this story:


Thanks for all the posting of Gravely info and pics on your site.   It has to be the best Gravely site I have seen.  Maybe it is the reason you haven't got your cart project completed.

Anyway, I thought I would throw out a bit of info.  I recently bought a Mighty Mac shredder from a friend of my dad's.  He supplied it with the slipless clutch.  The shredder is in great condition, almost like new.  The reason being because he stalled the shredder on something and because there was no slippage it damaged some parts inside the tractor.  He never used the shredder after that. I have every reason to believe that this was the quick hitch supplied by the dealer when he bought the shredder.  He owns no other quick hitch attachments.  If it was the one supplied with the shredder, it was a mistake by design. I have used the shredder with my tractor and it works pretty good. Depends what you are shredding and which screen size you use. I'm still figuring that out.  I did loosen the belt that connects the pto shaft to the shredder hammers.  When the material is too tough for the shredder the slippage occurs at that belt.  I figure it is cheaper than the repair bill on the tractor.  Some day I will change over to the slipless clutch.  Well, that's my two cents.

Not so long ago I posted to the Yahoo Gravely photo site a couple of pictures of the hitch (there was one on sale at eBay), and a Gravely illustrated parts sheet.  They are in the Eric's album.  You are free to lift the parts sheet.  Or I could scan it in again to your specs.

Thanks again for the Gravely site. Eric