16 HP Tractor
Blizzard of 1997
Circular and chain saw
Chain Saw in Action
Push cart
    Push cart with 7.6HP tractor.  51 KB Pushcart axle.  30 KB Rear view of tractor and push cart.  38 KB Push cart close up.  41 KB Push cart yoke closeup.  29 KB

Quick Hitches
Quick hitch cart
Snowblower on a 16HP
Two Hitches
Utility Scoop
Vee Plow
Wide Sod Cutter


Pushcart axle

The pushcart axle with a wheelbarrow installed. This is not a recommended use of the pushcart frame as the center of gravity of the wheelbarrow is too high. That coupled with the pivoting of the axle to the shaft, makes for a fairly unstable load.