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D & cultivator
D in use
Flower garden
Tool holder setups


The very first GRAVELY ever made was similar in design to the Model D machine.    Naturally there have been many improvements, but the success of these first machines, their continued and present popularity, is proof that they have SOLVED definite problems.

"When it comes time to cultivate, the GRAVELY is the best yet—it runs true in the row," writes a famous flower grower in Secaucus, N. J. His opinion is shared by literally thousands of others.

The single wheel of the Model D is but 3-1/4" wide, with the crankshaft running directly through the hub of this wheel.  The weight is thus centered at one spot to get the most traction.  It means too that you can safely work in a 10" row.  It makes all the more important the exclusive arrangement of using the tools in front.  You can see them every minute, and you can watch what you are doing.  Easy guiding and turning is assured, and the work you do is accurate.   The tools go first, the Tractor follows.  In laying off rows, the furrower in front throws out the dirt, and the single wheel has a solid path in which to move.  You can go up or down this same furrow many times without changing your set-up.

For those who want to cultivate narrow as well as wide row crops, where protection of the plants is important, there is no Tractor more popular, or more widely used, than the Model D GRAVELY.

For turning at the end of rows, for missing obstacles, or for raising the tools in the hard spots, lightly press down on the handles (see picture below) to raise the attachment in front.  With the weight on a pivotal point, you literally turn in your tracks.  You have instant control of the tools whether for depth or for nearness to plants.