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Front cultivator
Rear tools
Tool holder
Tool holder setups

Shown above are five other of the more popular tool arrangements for use on GRAVELY Tractors. Set-up No. 1 shows the Model L Rear Tool Holder with a 12" Furrower attached. This same Furrower may be obtained in any size from 10" to 20". On the Model D better results will be gotten if it is used in front. A 7" shovel steel is available for making smaller openings. All tools are attached to the same steel shanks.

In set-up No. 2 a 12" Improved Sweep is used in the center and a right and left 6" GRAVELY Hoe on either side. The sweep may be had in any size from 8" to 18", or according to the width of your row. It will skin the row center of weeds and trash, and the Hoes can be placed to come so close to the plants that little hand work will be necessary. It is practical to use a center sweep and two more sweeps on either side for the extremely wide rows.

Set-up No. 3 shows the Cultivator Teeth, 1395 as used for light 3-row cultivating. The set-up as shown here will take care of 15" rows, and if the rows are wider, additional sets of parallel bars may be ordered. It will do a very good job of leveling down a small piece of ground and is preferred by many users to the Hoes, especially when ,the ground is hard and dry. The teeth fasten to an Auxiliary Tool Plate which must be ordered with this attachment.

Set-up No. 4 illustrates the 6" Hillers which come in rights and lefts. They can be used for closing rows as well as for hilling, throwing dirt around the plants as well as taking it away. When used for covering bulbs with the Model D, allow the wheel to come down the center of the row so that each hiller will cover half of the row on either side, the equivalent of a full row at one time. It is possible to put a Furrower in the center allowing this to bring the dirt out from the center and the hillers to heap it up about the plants.

The Discs, seen in set-up No. 5, are shown as they would be attached to either Tool Holder. Notice that the Depth Adjusting Wheels are removed and the Discs attached with the same screws. They can be had in two sizes, both 11" in diameter, but one with three blades to the Disc, the other with four. A heavy weight on the Holder is available if the ground is newly turned, but for cultivating this will not be necessary.