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Front cultivator
Rear tools
Tool holder
Tool holder setups


Most popular set-up for cultivation as done with GRAVELY Tractors is a set of steels as shown in the pictures at the top of these pages. These Cultivating Steels are available in any size from 1-3/4" to 3". The 1-1/4" steels are most widely used. To use these narrower steels in larger quantities is recommended as the soil will be left in better condition, and there will be less danger of damaging the roots. Seven steels are recommended for use on the L I-folder, while five seem to work best on the D Model.

The D Model Tool Holder consists of a flexible steel frame complete with Depth Adjusting Wheels, bolts and braces for attaching to either the front or the rear of the Tractor, and all the steel shanks and holders for attaching the small tools. The same is true of the Model L Tool Holder except that the casting as shown below forms the center piece to which the Depth Adjusting Wheels, etc., are fastened. (This casting may be ordered separately and must be used in front of the machine with any rear attachment.)

Either holder is widened or narrowed instantly by loosening a few bolts and pushing the parallel bars in and out like an accordion. The standard holder can be narrowed to 8" or widened to 30". Additional parts can be added for any extreme width needed.

On either Tractor the Cultivating Unit may be used in the front or the rear. If this is done with the Model L, you will have the advantage of erasing the tire marks. You will use the same Tool Holder, but must have a Rear Hitch Casting and a Draw Bar in addition to the Front Casting. These can be ordered separately. This front casting must be used with the Turn Plow and the Water Ballast Roller.