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In 1922 the GRAVELY Tractor was offered to the world as a novel, yet practical, timesaving invention—a power-driven small tractor. In 1930 the mowing attachments were offered for use on this same machine. The Rotary Reel Mower and the Sickle Mower as originally used on the GRAVELY Tractor gave a new conception to mowing equipment. In 1935 the Snow Plow was introduced thus enabling users to get year-round service from the same machine.


The GRAVELY Tractors and Attachments are the sole products of the Gravely Manufacturing Company. Even the motor is made in the Gravely factory, designed especially for these machines. Each Tractor is produced as a complete unit, each part designed to be used with the others. . NOT AN ASSEMBLING PROPOSITION.

Thus, even today the GRAVELY Tractors are manufactured in but two models. The present Model D has been on the market practically without change since 1928. It proved itself at once as ideally suited for certain types of work, and the basic features of its design immediately won the whole-hearted approval of the commercial type grower. It has remained as well the most successful mower of extremely steep banks and slopes.

The two-wheeled Model L machine was first built in 1934. Though it is used for the same general purposes, naturally its 5 H. P. motor and different speeds make it more adaptable. It can do work too heavy for the other model.


Like the product you will find our sales policy better than the usual. You are not asked to buy a machine without first being shown what it will do on your own ground and under your own conditions. Our staff of field men are trained both to service and sell. You will find them, and every other member of our organization anxious to give you the benefit of their experience with small power equipment.

Without obligating you in the least we will be glad to arrange for a representative to visit you and to quote prices on the units needed to do your work. Our machine is sold and serviced through dealers. You will find GRAVELY Dealers qualified to give service on the machines they sell.