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Push cart
Sickle grinder
Hay rake


If you own a GRAVELY Sickle Mower you will want this Grinder.  Capable of sharpening six sections at a time before reclamping, it is but the matter of a few moments to sharpen your complete knife Sharper knives mean better and quicker work, and you will want to keep yours in the best of condition at all times.


This attachment has one of the strongest appeals for all GRAVELY owners.  There is a latch lock to facilitate dumping of the load.  The sides are removable and replaceable with but little effort.

Design of this cart is such that a 1000 pound load is not too much.  There is always something to be hauled. Rocks, dirt and fertilizer perhaps in the spring, coal, wood or apples at other seasons.  The body can be taken off and a special rack attached for such loads as hay.  The body shown is 50" long, 30" wide, and 10" deep.


After the high weeds or grass is cut attach the 48" Hay Rake and clean up.   Everybody is familiar with the horse-drawn hay rakes.  This is quite similar except it is made smaller in size to make for more ease in handling.

But, it will do a big job.


In the picture below is visible the big, bronze, machine-cut Worm Gear running on a steel-cut Worm.  These gears operate in a bath of oil pumped continuously through the machine, and, as can be seen, there is a liberal supply of bearings at all the vital points of wear.  Other features about which we have spoken may be seen here too: the safety Slip Clutch incorporated into all GRAVELY Power Attachments, the tapered steel axle, and the numerous grease seals.  There are no chains.

The outward appearance of the GRAVELY bespeaks its quality.  This interior view of the compact design can leave no doubts about the wearing ability You will be proud of your GRAVELY.