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Worm gear
Filters and rod
Geared reduction wheels
Push cart

Illustrated on this page are some of the distinctive features of the GRAVELY Tractors which have led users everywhere to express their profound appreciation of the practical, sturdy design which is theirs.  No tice the steel-geared, automotive-type differential, a miniature of that which you will find in the finest car.  See also the drop forged steel connecting rod (our own make).

There is an oil bath air cleaner and an oil filter to clean and strain the oil.  These and other parts, such as the carburetor and the magneto, are standard, nationally known equipment and can be serviced and regulated in every garage.


These steel Wheels with Gear Reduction and 9" clearance are for the heavy duty work, intensive cultivating and especially for the Turn Plow, They have just one-third the speed of the standard 16" wheels.

Each wheel weighs 65 pounds. This extra weight and slow speed give greater traction. Twenty removable iron cleats are used on each wheel. All steel gears are machine- cut and completely enclosed. There is no danger of grease leakage and consequent damage to crops when straddling rows. The rims are demountable permitting the use of even larger ones should greater clearance be desired- (See opposite page for the 26" wheels.)

This photo also shows the gear knocker furnished for the quick removal of these wheels. They can 'be set in different positions to throw the weight of the Tractor forward or backward according to the attachment used.

A similar steel wheel is available in the 16" size which can be used in place of the rubber tires. These do not have the Geared Reduction. Included with these are extension rims for each wheel to give greater traction in sandy soil.