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Snow blade pivot
Snow blade


The Power Take-Off Attachment may be used for any kind of belt work such as sawing, separating, grinding, etc. Any standard make pulley from 4" to 20" in diameter may be used on the 1 3 16" hexagonal shaft. This attachment may be bolted to the floor and left there, and the Tractor run up to it when the power is desired.


The GRAVELY Company are the makers of two types of Snow Plow, the Blade Type and the Reversible Blade Type. Both plows are two feet high and will handle 14" of snow with ease.

The V-Type Plow is the quickest and most effective tool for the cleaning of sidewalks. It is easily adjustable as to width and will clean a path of 40" to 54" wide.

The Blade Type Plow is 48" wide and will clean any standard width driveway in but two quick sweeps. It is completely reversible as to angle without changing a single bolt, and it may be set straight should you wish to "bulldoze." Cutting edges on both sides of the plow are renewable.

The Power-Driven Brush may be used for sweeping lawns and for any sort of general cleaning as well as for removing snow. It is 42" wide and has a diameter of 15". The bristles can be had in either a fine or coarse fiber. The fine bristle is the better for the sweeping of lawns or walks, while the coarse is better for snow removal, especially after it has been frozen.