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V blade


The Water-Ballast Roller is 48" wide, and when filled with water will weigh 750 pounds. The drum has a diameter of 18" and is 3; 16 of an inch thick. Uses of the Roller are numerous. No more expensive than a good hand roller, this attachment is one of the more popular with GRAVELY owners.


The spraying attachment is manufactured by the John Bean Company especially for GRAVELY Tractors. When not used with an insecticide it may be put to work watering lawns, washing cars, whitewashing, disinfecting and cleaning stables, kennels and sheds, applying fertilizers, etc. The sprayer tank holds fifty gallons. Its capacity is 3-1/2 gallons a minute at 300 pounds pressure, which pressure is obtainable at the normal speed of 100 RPM. The pump has two cylinders of 1" bore and 1" stroke, standard Bean supertype, porcelain cylinders and molded, self-expanding, rubber and fabric plunger cups, the best combination of spraying materials known today. The plungers themselves are guided so that they will always stay in line. The pump is equipped with ball valves in threadless cages. Drive from the Tractor to the pump is steel roller chain and sprockets. The pressure is controlled by an enclosed, spring type relief valve. A pressure gauge registering 400 pounds is standard equipment.