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D & reel mower
Gang mower
Gang mower in use


Many commercial growers whose needs are best met with the Model D GRAVELY equip their machines with the mowing attachments as well. For they recognize the distinct advantages of having one machine to do all their work.

The Model D with the 30" Rotary Reel Mower will also appeal to those who have especially steep places to mow. For with this machine it makes no difference how steep the banks are, the Tractor will always remain in an upright, balanced position while the mowing unit conforms to the contour of the ground. Patented, exclusive GRAVELY swivel action on the mower column makes this possible.

The wheel of the Model D GRAVELY comes equipped with 18 malleable iron cleats. These give the utmost in traction for using the garden tools and sickle mowers. For lawn work you can remove these cleats and in their stead put on six cast iron lugs to form a solid band. These are corrugated to give traction, yet will not damage the lawn.


With the Model L Tractor, because of its increased power, it is possible to add to the 30" Rotary Reel Mower two Power-Driven 25" Gang Units to give a 75" cut. These units can be added or taken away in less than a minute's time.

Each unit of the Gang Mowers is power-driven; each unit operates on an independent swivel thus removing the difficulty of mowing uneven lawns or steep banks and slopes.

There is not a single chain on the entire Gang- Mower, nor are there any caster wheels. The cutting height of each unit is regulated separately, but in a single spot. It will take but a moment to adjust them evenly at the desired height.

Instrumental in the GRAVELY'S success with the Gang Mower is the power reverse with which the Tractor is equipped. All handling difficulty is completely eliminated.


You are invited to compare our price of parts with those charges by any other company making similar equipment.

Gang Mower Specifications

DIMENSIONS:   24" long: 76" wide. The center unit has a cutting width of 30"; each side unit a cutting width of 25", these overlapping the center unit 2' 2" each. GEARS:   All gears are of machine-cut, steel and enclosed. Each unit is powered direct from the motor, with a V-type belt transmitting the power from the power shaft to the cutting reel of each.

CASTINGS:   Malleable castings are used in all vital parts with grey Iron being used elsewhere.

BEARINGS:   Timken Roller and Ball Bearings throughout.