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L & reel mower
Capitol building
Gang reel mower


In the GRAVELY you get two superlative mowers for the price of one. For it is possible by removing only four bolts to convert the very machine that you will have used for plowing, cultivating and rough mowing into a 30" Rotary Reel Mower which has won the unanimous acclaim of parks, cemeteries, and estates throughout the country.

No other power mower on the market today offers so many invaluable features.  as does The GRAVELY:

DIRECT DRIVE . . . There is not a single chain on either the mower or the Tractor.  All the power is transmitted through machine-cut, steel gears running continuously in a bath of oil.  YOUR MOWER DOES NOT DEPEND UPON TRACTION TO ROTATE.

ABSENCE OF CASTER WHEELS . . . It is impossible to scalp or streak your lawns when using a GRAVELY because there are no caster wheels to mash down the uncut grass.   You can mow to the very edge of sidewalks and buildings.

A POWER REVERSE . . . With the GRAVELY you can mow into the corners of buildings and hedges, and then the machine will back out under its own power.

RUNNERS.. . Runners on either side of the mowing unit make it impossible to scalp when you run into gulleys or over bumps.

ONE SPOT CUTTING HEIGHT REGULATION.. . The Cutting height is regulated in a single spot and with but a single nut.

SAFETY SLIP CLUTCH AND ADJUSTABLE FLOATING TYPE BEARINGS . . . Small sticks and stones will be thrown free of the mowing blades because the adjustable floating bearings will allow the unit to give under pressure.  If some large substance is picked up, the Safety Slip Clutch incorporated individually in every GRAVELY Power Attachment will throw the complete unit out of gear and thus protect your motor.

POWER TO SPARE . . . Don't forget that in the GRAVELY you will have a 5 H. P., 4- cycle motorómore than twice the power of the average power mower on the market today.