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D in use


On all Model D Power Attachments the power take-off from the motor is through hardened sprockets and roller chain with an idling clutch incorporated in the sprocket. Thus on both the Model L and the Model D you have separate clutches to control the motion of the Tractor and the attachments.

The same motor drives the Tractor and the cutting unit. You can take the machine anywhere under its own power. The motor is amply strong to propel the Tractor and at the same time to run the knives at a sufficient rate of speed to cut every blade of grass, regardless of the height.

If obstacles are in your path you can raise this mower with but a few pounds pressure on the handles. The weight of each Tractor is centered on the traction wheels.

Because of its design the Model D can do things and go places where it would be impossible to use any other machine. Its single wheel principle is sometimes compared to that of a wheelbarrow or bicycle. Once you are accustomed to the balance of a bicycle, it is a pleasure to operate it. The same is true of the Model D GRAVELY. Under usual conditions of mowing it is no more difficult to handle than any other type. When you use it for work that is impossible for the other types, it does require more effort. But it pays for this by doing what would otherwise have to be done by hand.

Because of the patented swivel action of the Sickle Mower and the single wheel drive of the Tractor, an operator can cut a hill so steep that he can scarcely walk around it without support.


SICKLE BAR:   This consists of a conventional Sickle Bar with an oscillating mechanism. The Drive Bead is located on the cutter bar for balance; has swivel action, allowing bar to conform to the contour of the ground independent of the tractor.

GEARS:   All gears enclosed in dirt-proof housings with Timken Roller Bearings and running in oil.

CASTTNGS:   All vital parts of the oscillating mechanism are made from chrome alloy steel with certified, malleable castings.

CUTTER BAR:   The 42" Cutter Bar will cut from a 36" to a 39" swath and average from 3 to 4 acres a day in the roughest sort of cutting.   It may be had in different lengths.

WEIGHT:  100 pounds. When packed, 150 pounds.


Weight is slightly less when used on the Model L.