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Two tank caps
Axle extenders
L in use


Height of the grass cannot interfere with the work the GRAVELY sickle Mower will do.  It can be taken out in brush as high as your head and as thick as three-quarters of an inch.  There is plenty of power to do this heavy work.  The Tractor and Sickle are built so that it won't damage them.   The Slip Clutch protects the knives and gears when so used.

Success of this attachment may in part be attributed to the fact that there is a direct drive from the motor to the cutting unit.  All the power is transmitted through machine-cut steel gears connected with a spline coupling.  This is true of every power attachment and all that is necessary to change attachments is the removal of four bolts.


Notice that the cutting unit is completely in front of the machine.  Overhanging branches will no longer be an obstacle.  This mower can be taken into hedge-corners, under trees and shrubbery, and then it will back out under its own power.  No other mower will work on hillsides like the GRAVELY.  The patented swivel action of the mower column will allow the cutter bar to conform to the contour of the ground.   And if your banks are especially steep, you can get the Model L GRAVELY with the extended 35" axle which will literally go anywhere that a man can walk.  A machine so equipped will work on a 60 degree angle.


We must repeat that the L GRAVELY has a 5 H. P., 4-cycle motor built in the GRAVELY factory and especially designed for the GRAVELY Tractors.  There is plenty of power to go anywhere and to do anything.

The Cutter Bars on the GRAVELY Sickle Mower are available in two different size sections, and in any width practical.   The 3" sections and guards are recommended for the heavier cutting, brush, etc., and the standard width of the 3" bar is 42", but it may be had in any width from 24" to 60", provided that this width is a multiple of 6".  The 2" bar sections are better for cutting grass and medium heavy brush.  It will cut as low as 1-1/2", and is frequently used on lawns.  Standard length of the 2" bar is 40" but it too can be had in any width from 24 to 60", provided that this width is a multiple of 4".  These cutter bars can be ordered separately and it is possible to get one of each for the different kinds of work.  Skids and runners are furnished on request, these making the bars cut higher.

An extra knife is furnished with each complete Sickle Mower.  These can be ordered separately at small cost.   Knife sections can also be ordered from us with the rivets for attaching too.  It is a simple matter to replace worn or dulled sections.