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Garden photo
Peg type harrow
D & plow


The motor of the Model D GRAVELY has slightly above 2 H. P. In pulling contests this machine has often been hitched to a conventional type garden tractor, each pulling against the other, and invariably the Model D GRAVELY would outpull even a 4 H. P. machine. THE SINGLE WHEEL DESIGN GIVES MORE THAN TWICE THE TRACTION OF A TWO WHEEL TYPE. TRACTION IS EQUIVALENT TO POWER.

But we don't subscribe to the theory that it is practical to pull a Turn Plow through heavy soil with a small tractor. We believe you are misled when told that you can expect such work from a machine of this class. To plow requires weight and power and if a machine has these it is generally so heavy, clumsy and inflexible that it is not practical for cultivating. YOU TURN THE SOIL ONCE, BUT YOU CULTIVATE MANY TIMES.

A 6-1/2" Turn Plow as shown can be used on the Model D for light turning. This is practical as the design does make for the ultimate in traction. For the crankshaft of the Model D runs directly through the hub of the single wheel throwing the entire weight on that pivotal point where it is needed. And you have a machine which is still practical for cultivating after this turning is done.


Any number of seeders from one to four may be used with the GRAVELY Tractors. The bar hitch upon which they are fastened is four feet in length, and holes an inch apart arc notched overall so that the seeders may be used any distance apart desired. Each seeder will handle the smallest vegetable seed as well as seeds as large as bush lima beans and plant them all evenly and accurately. The sowing is done through holes in a plate, and when planting two or more rows at a time, the same size opening may be used in each seeder to make sure that all will be uniform. A marker is standard equipment with this seeder.


This 18-Tooth Peg Type Harrow is 48" wide and 20" long. The teeth are set in three rows, 6 to a row, in such a manner that one strikes the ground every inch. Pitch of the teeth is regulated by a ratchet handle, very simple and positive.

If a Turn Plow is used, either the harrow shown below or the discs shown on page 7 should be used, to get the soil in the proper condition for planting, Either will break up the ground as finely as you wish. The GRAVELY has ample power so that a heavy weight may be placed on either of these attachments when necessary to make a better job.