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Model D
Rotary Plow
Plow in use


The Model L GRAVELY with its Power-Driven Rotary Plow prepares the soil on an entirely different principle from the traditional turn plowing and harrowing. YOU DON'T DEPEND ON TRACTION TO OPERATE THIS PLOW. The Plow Tool itself is powered by the sturdy 5 H. P. motor. You need no more traction to operate this plow than you do in mowing.


With the Rotary Plow you will not have to disc or harrow your ground.   This Power Tool will pulverize the ground as it plows, making a finer seed bed in one operation than is possible in two or three with the ordinary methods.  Weeds and trash will be cut up too and mixed with the soil.

In hard soil you can plow as deep as 7 inches with the Rotary Plow.   In soft soil it will go 12 inches deep.   It will cut a swath as wide as 10 inches, this too depending uppn soil conditions.

The Rotary Plow is geared to the Tractor motor at the ratio of one to 8.   There are four blades to the plow and you thus cut into the soil 800 times a minute at the normal working speed of your motor, 1600 RPM.   The plow is set at an angle to eliminate side drag and to allow all the dirt to fly to the right.   You begin in the center of the area to be plowed, keep bearing to the right at the end of every furrow, placing your right wheels in the furrow just made.   As much as en acre a day can thus be plowed.

For those who prefer it, a conventional 6-1/2" or 8" Turn Plow with Rear Hitch is available for the Model L.   All the other attachments such as the 18-Tooth Harrow, the Seeder and the Fertilizer Distributor may be used on either tractor.


With this distributor you can spread the fertilizer evenly through the six adjustable spouts, spreading over a width of from 4" to 30".   The quantity may be quickly regulated from 200 to 2000 pounds per acre.   Capacity of the Hopper is 50 pounds.

A good combination to use is the Fertilizer Distributor with the Cultivating Unit in the rear.   You could thus cultivate the fertilizer into the soil as it was spread.   If your plants are growing, the feeder roots in the center of the row would be sure of getting their proper share of food.

This Fertilizer Distributor will fit either Model Tractor and is priced complete with hitch ready for attaching.