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MOTOR:   Own make; 4-cycle; air-cooled; removable aluminum head; L TYPE; mechanical valves.
BORE:   2-1/2"   STROKE:   3". 2 H. P., S. A. E. rating.
CARBURETOR:   GRAVELY Special.  AIR CLEANER:  Donaldson.  MAGNETO:  Edison-Splitdorf.
BEARINGS:   Timken. Norma-Hoffman, New Departure and Phospho-Bronze.
GEARS:   Timing and Pinion. Nickel-Iron with hardened Alloy Steel Pinion.
CASTINGS:   Aluminum. Malleable and Gray Iron.
HEIGHT:   Not including handles 35". WIDTH: 13-1/4"
LENGTH:   Tractor and handles, 62".  WEIGHT: 200 lbs.  For shipping 280.
LUBRICATION:   Splash with plunger pump circulation.
SPEED:   1 to 3 miles per hour; throttle-controlled.
CLUTCH:   Easy release; cone type.
OIL:   Tank Capacity: 3/4 gallon. GAS: 1 gallon.
GAS CONSUMPTION: 4 to 6 hours per gallon.


The Model L GRAVELY has been called the "most versatile small tractor on earth," and actually, 17 different attachments may be used with this same machine. Its sturdy 5 H. P. motor has plenty of power to do every job, and in addition there are such important features as an automotive type differential. . . 2 forward and reverse speeds . . a worm gear drive running in oil. . . one spot lubrication for both tractor and motor an oil bath air cleaner and many others. Cities, schools and cemeteries have long thought the Model L the most efficient of power mowers, while truck gardeners, nurserymen, and estate-owners use it for both gardening and mowing purposes. Perhaps the most important reason for its popularity, besides its versatility, is the very practical and positive method for attaching the power tools and transmitting the power to them: just four bolts are used to attach them; a splined steel shaft makes the direct connection between the motor drive and the Safety Slip Clutch on each attachment.


The biggest appeal of the Model D GRAVELY is to the commercial grower and to those who have especially steep places to mow. For 19 years this machine has been recognized by leading flower growers throughout the country as the best of narrow row cultivators. Perhaps its biggest asset, and one which is exclusive with GRAVELY, is the narrow, compact design which will permit the use of a FRONT TOOL HITCH. Then, too, the single wheel makes for the utmost in traction, and the weight is balanced, on this pivotal point to insure easy guiding and turning. Having the tools in front will enable you to do the closest, most accurate work, and since the single wheel is but 3-1/4" wide, you can cultivate in rows as narrow as 10" without damaging a single plant.