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MOTOR:   Own Make: 4-cycle. T-Head Type; Air Cooled; with Removable Aluminum Head
BORE:   3-1/4".   STROKE:   3-1/2".
MAGNETO:   Edison-Splitdorf.  AIR CLEANER Donaldson.  CARBURETOR Schebler-Strom
HORSEPOWER:   5 H. P. at 1600 R. P. M.
BEARINGS:   Timken, Norma-Hoffman New Departure and Phospho-Bronze.
TRANSMISSION GEARS AND TIMING GEAR:   Alloy Iron and Hardened Steel.
DIFFERENTIAL:   Automotive Gear Type. Hardened Steel Cut Pinions
OILING:   Dry Stump Gear Pump and Splash System.
CLUTCH:   Two Double Acting Cone Type Clutches.  One as Speed Selector, other giving forward and reverse motion.  Each Power Attachment has individual Safety Slip Clutch.
HEIGHT:   Not including handles, 28 inches.
LENGTH:   Tractor and handles, 55".
WEIGHT:   Tractor, 275 pounds. When packed 350 pounds.
SPEEDS:   Two Forward Speeds and REVERSE.  Low speed 1/4 to 3 miles per hour.  High Speed 1 to 6 miles per hour. Throttle controlled.
GAS:   Capacity 2 gallons. Enough for 8 hours operation.
OIL:   Capacity 5 pints.

Reduced Geared Wheels Give One-Third
Above Speeds

HOW MUCH of your garden and upkeep work are you still doing by hand or horse?. . . how much needless labor and worry are you taking on yourself simply because you are not using modern power equipment?  The right power and methods mean more than just a saving in energy.  They mean, and statistics prove, that you can save in time and money as well-that you can increase your own efficiency and that of your land while at the same time reducing upkeep costs.

But to do all this the power tools you will use must be designed for the job they are to do.  They must be built correctly, and they must be backed by a reliable service organization.


In the pages to follow you will be shown how with one GRAVELY Tractor you can solve your every upkeep problem.  For with these tractors you can use attachments for:
  1. Preparing the soil for seeding or planting.
  2. Furrowing and planting garden crops.
  3. Cultivating.
  4. Mowing hay or rough fields.
  5. Making and keeping a beautiful lawn.
  6. Spraying fruit and vegetables, shrubbery, shade trees and garden crops.
  7. Odd jobs of hauling, or supplying power for belt work.
  8. Keeping lawns and driveways free of snow, dirt and leaves.
The GRAVELY Tractors are made in two different models, the L and the D. Though outwardly there may appear to be some major differences between these two machines, they are used for much the same purposes.