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Reversible Blade
      If you want to move snow in the same direction on a return trip, all you do is reverse the blade of the Gravely Snow Plow by changing a single pin. If you want to bulldoze, change the pin and move the snow straight ahead.

      A malleable iron wearing strip on the blade takes all the wear of snow removal. When it gets worn, an inexpensive replacement is available. Your Snow Plow never wears out!

48 Inch Blade-Type Snow Plow For Snows 18. Inches or Less

      If your snowfalls average around 18 inches, the Gravely Blade-Type Snow Plow attachment for the powerful 5 Horsepower Gravely Tractor will solve your snow removal problems easily and economically. Hundreds of municipalities, parks, schools, hospitals and industries have saved the cost of their Gravely Equipment in less than two season's use with this attachment alone!

Many Uses
      The Gravely Blade-type Snow Plow comes in handy for many other jobs-spreading ding cinders or gravel, bulldozing trash into incinerators, moving loose dirt, covering water and sewer trenches-a multitude of uses.

      The 48 inch width of the Blade-Type Snow Plow allows you to clean the average sized driveway in two sweeps, the average walk in one. This economy of motion results in real savings-speeds the job of snow removal.
All Year Use
      The Power Brush isn't a seasonal attachment-it has many other uses. Railroads especially make use of the Power Brush during every season of the year for sweeping their stations. Whether it is snow, coal dust, water or mud which has collected at the station, the Gravely Power Brush sweeps it clean the first time over!

Power Brush Moves Light Snow,Sweeps Platforms, Walks, Drives.

      Most snows are light, and it is faster and easier to sweep than to shovel them. This is particularly true of loading docks, platforms, courtyards, that are in constant use. When the snow first starts falling, one man with a Power Brush can run over the area at intervals and keep them open and clear with little effort. Since the Power Brush has a sweeping width of 38 inches, it takes only a few minutes to clear these areas.

Simple, Easy Operation
      The Power Brush is easily adjustable to the height desired, easily regulated for sweeping contact. A single lever lifts the Power Brush from contact level for transportation. All brush segments are easily replaced, and are reversible on the shaft. Your choice of fine or coarse bristles, according to your