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GRAVELY Compact Riding Tractors

For Mowing Performance

Gravely Compact Tractors give you a choice of front or center-mount mowers, in 40" and 50" sizes. All of them are designed for the finest lawn work - and designed ruggedly to handle weed-mowing jobs too.

50" 3-Spindle Rotary Mower or
40" 3-Spindle Rotary Mower
For a Beautiful Lawn, Fast!

These center-mount mowers are strong, rugged, attach quickly without tools, give you a choice of a full 50-inch or a full 40-inch velvety cut while you go along for the ride!

All-Gear-Drive to one horizontal, self-adjusting belt.

Mowing heights are adjustable from command position.

40" 2-Spindle Front-Mounted
Rotary Mower

Out-in-front mowing for maximum visibility, control, and maneuverability.  All-Gear-Drive to two horizontal belts. Gives a fine cut, gets up under obstacles, shrubs.

For Fine Lawn or Rough

Whatever your mowing jobs, Gravely Compacts and their Rotary Mowers will handle them - beautifully. Rear engine design, low center of gravity allows you to mow steep slopes, terraces, rough places easily.  Power to spare, with your choice of 10, 12 or 14 hp.