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7.6 tractor
Riding tractor
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Your tractor should fit you and your jobs comfortably... give you the real satisfaction of doing your work efficiently, with a quality machine you enjoy using. Gravely offers two types of tractors to fit your needs.

The Convertibles...

allow you to choose the best way to do the job - riding or walking - instantly. As a walking tractor . . . garden, mow steep slopes and rough places, work easily where precise maneuverability is important. Convert instantly to a riding tractor by attaching a riding attachment.

The Riding Tractors...

for extra performance, comfort and convenience. Enjoy the sheer fun of handling brute power that behaves as meekly as a lamb. . . command performance that makes you the envy of the neighborhood. Most attachments go on and off quickly without tools. . . mount underneath, in front, or behind, as the job demands. Your work gets done fast while you go along for the ride!

When you buy your tractor - remember Gravely sells only through authorized sales and service dealers. Quality design is backed by quality service.