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This table tells you the various models and types of tractors available; and on the next page, some of the attachments you can use on each tractor. Your final choice should be made by consulting with your Gravely Dealer, whose wide experience will help you fit your needs exactly.


CONVERTIBLE 7.6 Tractors are available in several models with two speeds forward, two reverse. "CUSTOM: is basic unit, available in a choice of maximum ground speeds.  "C" from 0 to 4 MPH, primarily for mowing applications.  "CI" from 0 to 3 MPH, for both gardening and mowing.  "CS" from 0 to 2 MPH, a specialized Unit for constant ground working and similar heavy applications.  "SUPER" Tractors are the above models with added electric starter, governor and handle PTO clutch control.

"C-8" Convertible Tractors are available in both Custom and Super models, and are equipped with the famous Gravely Swiftamatic-8 Transmission, a dual-speed axle that allows you to reduce ground speed 50% while attachment speed remains the same . . . by moving one lever.  0 to 4 MPH.