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Rotary Plow

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Only Gravely offers you unique twin-tool gardening. . . the Rotary Plow that prepares a seedbed ready for immediate planting, and the Rotary Cultivator that keeps your garden weed-free and thoroughly aerated all season long.

Gravely's twin tools not only spare you drudgery, but save you money as well. The same all-gear drive powers both attachments, so you don't pay for duplicated parts.

Rotary Plow

prepares perfect seedbed in one operation

Never before so easy! Gravely's Rotary Plow prepares a seedbed that's ready for immediate planting. Just one easy operation does it—you're ready to plant just as soon as you finish plowing.. . without the need of raking, discing, or other preparation.

The Rotary Plow employs a totally different—and unique—principle to give you a deep, mellow, even seedbed. The Plow's four high-carbon steel blades cut into the sides and bottom of the furrow 800 times a minute at normal working speed actually turns the soil as it plows, with one of the four blades biting into the soil every half-inch.

Soil is pulverized from top to bottom of the furrow. In hard soil the Plow goes to 7" depth.. . in soft soil to 10". The Plow cuts a furrow up to 10" wide, depending on soil conditions.

This dependable attachment moves aside rocks, roots, and other obstacles up to twice the size of your doubled fist. Obstacles larger than these actuate the all-gear drive safety clutch, preventing damage to both the Tractor and Plow.

The Plow doubles as a terracing tool, and is perfect for hilling plants such as sweet potatoes. With Gravely's Planter Drill (a special order item), the Plow makes holes perfect for planting seedlings and shrubbery.

Rotary Cultivator

gives you a weed-free, more productive garden

Gravely's Rotary Cultivator, the other half of the twin-tool gardening combination, takes the drudgery out of garden care. . . giving you a productive garden that's free of weeds and aerated completely all season long.

Durable, high-carbon steel tines cut to recommended 3" depth, stirring and aerating the soil completely. The Cultivator tills 26" wide.

Detachable sides permit the Cultivator to be used for every type of garden crop. When used with bushy row crops, the sides are left on to protect the plants, leaving a smoothly-tilled area between rows. With the sides removed, the Cultivator throws dirt into plants such as corn . . . moves a ridge of soil into the plant row—the same effect, but without the drudgery, that you would get from tedious hand-hoeing.