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Every desirable business requires some kind of financial investment to acquire the necessary facilities and working capital for profitable operation.

The exact financial investment for a dealership is determined by the number of Gravely Users already in the territory, the amount of new business to be done, and the financial status of the dealer. We will be glad to discuss this with you in light of your own individual needs.


It is very desirable to have a commercial building in which to house your Gravely operations. Ideally, it should have a small but attractive display of equipment, a small office space, and additional room enough to store and repair equipment.

These facilities need not be elaborate at first. However, the character of your business is judged by the customer on your physical equipment. A location, even if small and containing only the essentials of operation, will help your business to grow much faster.

In the case of an already established business, a display space apart from other items would be most appropriate.

Remember also that most of a Dealer's time is spent in the field, calling on prospects, making demonstrations, and making service calls. The Gravely Dealer goes to his prospectÄthe customer does not come to him.

After a sufficient number of units have been sold, and as the Dealer begins to be known, then sales and service calls to his place of business begin growing. Expansion of the beginning facilities can then take place.

Demonstrating Equipment

Demonstrating Equipment is a necessity. All of our sales promotion material attempts to sell the idea of seeing a demonstration of the Gravely. Only in this way can you convince the prospect of the work that this wonderful machine will actually perform. You can sell your demonstrating equipment at a small discount and make a profit on your demonstrator at least once or twice a year.


The nature of the Gravely business requires that you have transportation available that will handle the Tractor and attachments. Generally, our dealers rely on a pick-up truck.

Service Facilities

Space is required for service work.

The usual selection of hand tools will handle most Gravely service work. Certain special tools are available that will add to the speed and efficiency of Gravely service, and other power tools greatly help. This again is an individual situation, but the investment in any case is modest.

Parts Stock

Both service work and parts sales are profitable parts of the Gravely business. Your initial investment in parts is affected by the number of tractors in your territory, and other factors, but it can be quite small in the beginning, and we will help you select the items that move quickly. As your service and sales business grows, you will naturally want to expand your parts stock . . . and your profits.

Tractor and Attachment Stock

To sell equipment you must have it to deliver to the customer. The amount of Tractors and attachments you keep in stock will vary with many factors, but it does not have to be large, or take too much working capital. More equipment on hand is needed in the spring season when you are making many sales. With the closeness of Distributors, reasonable stocks on hand from which to make deliveries are all that is required in the beginning. . . as your business expands, you will, of course, stock more equipment, and before long may be ordering in carload lots as many of our established and successful dealers do.

But in the beginning, a minimum investment is all that is necessary-and expansion of stock will come with the expansion of your business.