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Home Owners Living in the Country - A Constantly Expanding Market

See how your local suburban areas have grownÄ how they are dotted with homes that include small acreage. The reason is the strong, continuing movement of families out of town, where they can enjoy the wholesomeness of country living.

Every one of the countless thousands of families that are moving out of town each year is a definite prospect for a Gravely.

Why? Because to enjoy this country living, they must have power equipment to perform the many upkeep and gardening chores that face them. Hand labor is too expensive (and scarce) these days. The country home owner just does not have time to do his own upkeep and gardening work by hand, and keep up with his occupation.

Of all the power equipment offered to these people, only the Gravely has: 1.    Sufficient power to satisfactorily perform tough jobs. 2.    A complete line of tools to accomplish every lawn and garden upkeep job. 3.    A reliable, substantial organization that is prepared, not only to sell the equipment, but also to service it when needed.