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The amazing versatility of the Gravely Tractor is one of the reasons for its success. With 30 tools to choose from, many of them power tools, you Offer your customers the tools they need for their jobs, powered by the sturdy, dependable Gravely . .. one power unit!

What other equipment can offer your customers four different mowing tools, to solve any mowing problem? Or three snow removal tools, complete gardening equipment, complete lawn equipment? Plus many specialized tools for specialized jobs that only the Gravely does well.

Variety in itself has no value. Gravely gives you a variety of tools, plus more power at the job, and the most rugged and sturdy design.

You offer your customers the best solution to their every lawn, garden, field or farm job . . . at a price they can afford to pay!


Practical, Quality Design That Means Plus Features To Help You Sell!

The cutaway view of the Gravely shows you the many selling features, the completely functional design of the Gravely.

We design each tool to be an integral part of the whole design of the tractor . . .treating the tractor and attachments as a single unit, to be built with the best materials for the job, the best workmanship, and the best design for top performance.

The Gravely, including its motor, is completely designed and manufactured by Gravely Tractors, Inc. The Gravely is totally different from any other tractor.

This difference means that you have a real competitive advantage. In selling, you have no real competition. In service, your customers must come to you for parts and repairs.