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Support Staff
Sales Training
Service Training

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Prospect and User Files

You will be furnished with prospects and users in your territory when you become a Gravely Dealer.

These prospects have been accumulated from national advertising and direct mail, and are kept on file for a period of three years. You will have a list of prospects to start with . . . people who have continued to express an interest in Gravely equipment.

The User List is kept as up-to-date as possible, from guarantee registrations. These are fruitful sources for attachment, service and parts sales . . .sources for more leads since they often have friends or acquaintances that are interested in Gravely equipment.

Sales and Service Training

An informal school that has been enthusiastically praised by Gravely dealers helps you get started in productive selling. An individual effort, this school takes you personally through every phase of the

Gravely Sales and Service business . . . helps you get the basic knowledge you need quickly, without costly trial and error. It means a more profitable business quickly!

Finance Plan

Gravely Equipment can be offered for sale by our dealers to their prospects on an advantagous monthly payment plan which allows the customer up to 18 months to pay. The cost of this service to the customer is much lower than usual. These monthly payment plans are financed and handled directly by Gravely Tractors, Inc., which makes the procedure simple for the dealer and promotes confidence on the part of his customers.