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Sales Support

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National Advertising

Your sales will be spurred by a national advertising campaign that reaches your prospects through every major national magazine . . . both consumer and industrial.

The impact of this advertising makes your selling job easier . . . you will sell a nationally advertised product that has been making its name synonomous with quality and power among your prospects since 1922.

With advertisements ranging through every space size up to a full page, the quality and versatility of the Gravely is constantly before your prospects in the season.

Gravely advertisements always offer the Gravely catalog, and the inquiries received number in the thousands. These inquiries are processed quickly and the leads furnished to you for follow-up and sales.

Direct Mail

Gravely has a tremendous direct mail program that is always seeking new prospects for you, keeping in touch with people who have inquired about the Gravely, telling its users of attachments and accessories.

Mailings total over a million pieces a year, many of these going to new lists, seeking out people who need Gravely equipment. These mailing pieces and campaigns are also available to you at little cost.

Particularly effective are the many campaigns to specialized industrial markets. These inquiries are rushed to you for follow-up and sales.

*    Literature *    Promotion Material *    Bulletin Service

Gravely sales literature is furnished to you at no charge, literature that is colorful, literature that sells.

The Catalog, Power vs. Drudgery, is a 24-page booklet in two colors. Four color folders, special circulars, folders and mailing pieces are available to help you sell.

Dealer signs, a color movie, Fair and Show banners, and many other types of promotion material including the cutaway of the Gravely tractor are available . . . all at reasonable cost. Gravely gives you a complete promotional program, complete promotional material.

You are kept constantly informed about technical matters, sales ideas, price changes through the Bulletin Service.