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We have explained how our organization has grown and prospered through its devotion to a single specialized product.

Since 1922, this business has provided good, steady jobs: for many employees in manufacturing. The sales and service of Gravely equipment has enabled many firms and individuals to build up profitable businesses.

It is into this successful, specialized organization of substantial business men that we are trying to fit you. We are inviting you to begin a Gravely Dealership for selling and servicing our product in an area where we are positive a wonderful opportunity exists for you.

We are so certain this wonderful opportunity exists that we are willing to help you get your business started!

The same business and promotional know-how that built the Gravely organization to its present size and market influence is ready and waiting to help you, in every possible way. Doesn't it seem reasonable to believe that what others have done so well, you can do to?

Ample Territory For Successful Operation

Dealers selling the Gravely are given ample terrItory to operate successfully.

Many manufacturers of competitive equipment will show less than half of our total yearly volume, yet will have ten times as many outlets. You can see how this makes the Gravely Agency much more desirable . . . and valuable!

Each person who receives this booklet has had a tentative territory mapped for them. We have carefully analyzed this territory. We know there is a wonderful opportunity for building a lucrative Gravely business.

Profit-4 Ways

You sell the Gravely Customer Tractor, attachments, Parts and Service . . . profit from your customer four ways!

To give you some idea of the profit involved, the usual sale is around $550.00. This is on the original sale of Tractor and usually one or two attachments.

Continuing profits come as other attachments are purchased, as service work is done, parts supplied.

You receive a discount on parts you purchase, and this is a profitable part of your agency. In addition you sell service. The usual rate charged by Dealers and Distributors is $3.50 to $4.00 per hour, depending on the section of the country. You can see that efficient operation of your service shop, the sale of parts, the continuing sale of attachments provide a steady source of income every month of the year.