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Albany Plant
Drake Bros

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Gravely Tractors, Inc., owns its own distributing organization. At this writing we have 44 Distributing Companies, located in important trade areas in the United States and Canada.

Distributors With A Mission!

The purpose of the Distributing Company is to make parts, attachments, and equipment available quickly and conveniently to our dealers. We ship this material in railway carloads or in commercial truckloads to the Distributors, and schedule shipments at frequent intervals to keep a good supply available against the demands of our dealers. Aggressive dealers that have been with us a few years have grown to the point that they order their equipment in carload or truckload lots from the factory.

The advantage of the Distributor to a beginning Dealer is obvious-with equipment readily available, there is often no need for extensive stocking of parts or equipment.

The Distributors handle only Gravely products. Practically all Distributors own their own buildings. They sell retail in a restricted area, and it has been our aim to have the Distributor be a model Gravely sales and service operation, as a guide for our Dealers.

The Dealer is the most important link in the chain of Sales and Service of Gravely Equipment. It is the Dealer that does the main portion of retail selling.

The Dealer owns and operates his own business. We have several hundred Gravely Dealers, most of whom do nothing but sell and service Gravely Equipment.    

The Dealers who specialize in selling and servicing Gravely Equipment reap the richest reward. In our many years of experience in selling our product, we have found that this specialization is best. That is why we try to secure individuals who will go into business for the sole purpose of selling and servicing Gravely Equipment, or established firms, already in a similar field, willing to provide the specialized sales and service effort that can make the Gravely agency successful.