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Gravely Tractors, Inc., is the manufacturer of the complete Gravely Tractor, and its power-driven tools and attachments.

From a humble beginning in 1922, the company has grown gradually and consistently over the years. We now occupy two large, modern factories, do an annual business of several millions of dollars, and employ a large force that works three shifts a day in the production of Gravely Equipment.

This growth has been from the manufacture and sale of Gravely Tractors, and its attachments, and nothing else!

This specialization has resulted in the finest small tractor on the market today, and a substantial business that continues to grow and progress.

The Factory progress has two facets, both of them very important to you. Production of the Gravely is important, but production alone cannot create the acceptance of the Gravely that it enjoys or its widespread use and sales.

Equally important is the aggressive and consistent selling and advertising program of the company.


The Gravely factory at Dunbar, West Virginia, is the headquarters of an international production, distribution and selling organization. At Albany, Georgia is the second Gravely factory, which produces tractors and attachments for the southern region of the United States.

Radiating from headquarters at Dunbar is a large group of Distributors and Dealers. From headquarters comes the correlated selling effort that has built not only two modern, efficient factories for the production of Gravely Tractors and attachments, but also a group of strong, highly successful sales outlets. Most of these outlets specialize in the sale and service of the Gravely Tractor.

This specialization of all parts of the organization is an important phase of our success, because all our efforts and energies are concentrated on one objective-the sale and service of Gravely Equipment.

When energies and efforts are concentrated, the best results are obtained in any line of endeavor. It has proved beyond doubt in the Gravely business that specialization and concentration of efforts can bring you rich returns.