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Gravely Users

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While most Gravelys are sold to home owners, many tractors are sold to the best known industrial concerns in the country.

They need mowers, snow plows, and other power equipment, because their problem is a great deal like that of the country home owner. And it is only logical that the equipment that solves the country home owner's problems best, will also solve these industrialist's problems best.

Institutions, governmental agencies, housing authorities, cemeteries, and many others form a strong and lucrative market.


You have constantly increasing numbers of country home owners with small acreage, industrial concerns moving to the country . . . a market that is constantly growing.

These home owners are a very dependable market. They are professional, executive, or skilled working people. Their incomes are generally among the most stable in our country.

They are the people who, if convinced of their need, have the money to buy. They are the kind of people you like to meet and do business with.

The Gravely market is a year round market because you must have a product you. can sell all year round-not just in the spring. Therefore, we have designed and produced attachments that sell tractors in every season of the year!

Continuing that program, we have now under consideration, or in the initial design stages, many other attachments that will increase the market for the Gravely still more. And when we increase the sales opportunities, naturally your profits will increase.