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The Gravely Tractor is a five horsepower power unit that operates 30 tools and attachments.

It is the only equipment that will do practically every lawn and garden job well . . . that has the sturdiness, the ruggedness and simplicity of operation that means top performance and efficiency.

The Gravely is actually the central power unit for a complete system of power tools for lawn, garden, field and farm work. It is completely unique, there is no other machine like it . . . no other equipment does as many tough jobs as well!

The price is reasonable, the value you offer your customer is so much more than other equipment can offer. Therefore, Gravely is accepted as the undisputed leader both in the trade and among your customers.

The advantages are many . . . but one of importance is the fact that you do not have to exaggerate to sell the Gravely Tractor and its attachments The truth is sufficient. . . the quality is built in, and time proved.

The first element of a successful business is yours when you handle Gravely equipment . . . an excellent product, with international acceptance.

The second element-a successful, proved sales plan, is presented in this booklet.