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In 1922 the Gravely Tractor was offered to the world as a novel and practical time-saving invention-a power driven small tractor. Improvements and new models have been added, and the many varied and useful attachments that you have read about have been developed.

The Gravely is produced in a factory devoted exclusively to the manufacture of the Gravely Tractor, including its motor and its attachments. Each manufacturing operation is controlled, each machine produced as a complete unit, each part designed to be used with the other. Not merely assembled, but completely designed and manufactured by the Gravely Company. You will do best by buying the machine that is time-proved. More than a quarter of a century of engineering and manufacturing skill are back of the famous Gravely.


Like our product, our sales policy is better than the usual one. We do not ask you to buy a Gravely until you have seen what it will do for you on your own ground, under your own conditions. Our Dealers and Distributors are glad to give you the benefit of their experience with power equipment, glad to show you the Gravely at no obligation. Ask your dealer or distributor for your free demonstration-or write us and we will arrange for a representative to visit you and quote prices on the tools they would recommend for your work. Request your free demonstration today!