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Practical, Quality Design

This cutaway view shows the completely functional design of the Gravely . . . the motor, chassis and attachment flowing cleanly and simply into one compact, precision machine.

Each part of the Gravely is designed to be used with the other-not merely assembled. The Gravely uses the same type of drive and transmission as an automobile for dependable power.

With all these features, you still buy the Gravely at a price that compares favorably with many other makes with less horsepower! And the Gravely has integrated design, with 35 years of specialized experience in manufacturing Gravely equipment. FEATURES THAT GIVE YOU MORE FOR YOUR MONEY!

Power. The Gravely engine is conservatively rated at 5 HP. Its large bore and stroke at a comparatively low piston speed means dependable power for the toughest jobs. Power is transmitted to the job through gears and splined steel shafts-no belts or chains to slip or wear!

Precision Made in a modern factory devoted exclusively to the manufacture of Gravely products.

Safety Clutch Protected. Every Gravely power attachment is protected against shock damage by a special

Gravely Safety Clutch. This clutch dissipates the shock and stalls the tractOr without damage to either attachment or tractor. The Clutch transmits the full power of the engine . . . but saves your equipment from breakage and damage when you strike an obstacle.

Attachments Power-Designed to put the power to the job. Gravely is unique because each attachment is designed as an integral part of the tractor, to give the maximum performance at the job.

Unique Swivel Action. Only the Gravely gives you complete Swivel Action. The attachments follow the contour of the ground, regardless of the position of the Tractor Wheels.