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Built To Out-Perform All Others

The cutaway view of the Gravely Tractor on the next page shows you many exclusive mechanical features. But individual features are not what you buy.

You buy performance-the whole Gravely Tractor. Put all these mechanical features together and you have the finest tractor money can buy. You have a tractor that will out-perform any other tractor.

Until you actually get behind a Gravely, until you see and feel for yourself the amazing power and versatility of the Gravely, you will have no conception of what POWER upkeep and gardening really mean.

When you use your Gravely and see your work done faultlessly . . . when you suddenly realize what a wonderful job you have done with such amazing speed and ease . . . then you realize that the Gravely is your tractor.

Only then can you know the absolute, complete satisfaction that comes to you when you have bought the best-and proved it by job test.

And remember this. The price you pay for the Gravely will soon be forgotten. But the satisfaction of using the best, of investing your money wisely, of getting your work. done in the best possible way . . . that satisfaction is yours for years. Because the Gravely is a lifetime investment in power for your jobs!


Now you can buy a Gravely Tractor with the ground speed of your choice, to suit your pace, your job. Three models are available, and your Gravely Dealer will suggest the one best suited to your particular needs. Below is a table giving the ground speeds available with the three models.


Gravely Model: LS LI L
High Gear:
1 mph 1-1/2 mph 2 mph
1-1/2 mph 2-1/4 mph 3 mph
2 mph 3 mph 4 mph
Low Gear:
1/2 mph 3/4 mph 1 mph
1 mph 1-1/2 mph 2 mph
1-1/2 mph 2-1/4 mph 3 mph