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Pushing Snow
Pushing Dirt

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The Snowblower will work on any surface efficiently: With runners you skim the snow from any walk or drive, including Bluestone and Gravel: Without runners, you make a clean sweep of macadam or concrete. Geared wheels are recommended when moving deep, heavy snows.

Blade Type Snow Plow

The Snow Plow attachment is 48 inches wide. The usual width driveway is cleared in two sweeps, the sidewalk in one. The plow will handle snow up to 14 inches deep. It moves more snow better because the blade is scientifically designed to roll the snow out of the way instead of pushing it. The angle of the plow is instantly changed by only one pin adjustment. It may be set to throw snow to the left, right, or straight ahead. The wearing edge is of carbon steel, renewable-you will never wear out your plow blade. Extra heavy construction, built for the rugged snow removal jobs!


The Snow Plow attachment is a good tool for efficient and economical light landscaping. You bulldoze loose dirt, poultry litter, and similar materials. Best results will be obtained by using dual wheels, chains or gear reduction wheels to give the Tractor sufficient traction for a heavy job. "My driveway is about 150’ long with a turning area. Last spring I had one of those coronary thrombosis affairs and either had to get something to lighten my chores, or sell and get a smaller place which I wouldn’t want to do.

Now I can clean out our driveway in twenty minutes or less with practically no effort where it used to take hours of shoveling. By actual timing I cleaned 165’ of straight driveway of about 8" of snow in ten minutes flat for an old neighbor!

If anyone wants to know what a user of your snowblower thinks of it, refer them to me."

Yours truly,

RAYMOND S. CARTER RD No. 1, Escarpment Dr. Lewiston, New York



BLADE: 25-1/2" wide, 12 Gauge (.109") Carbon Steel.
REEL: 18-1/2" diameter, 1/4" Carbon Steel, welded.
FAN: Blades 3/16" Carbon Steel, Fan Disc .109" Carbon Steel, Hub machined alloy Steel.
CASTINGS: Malleable Iron.
GEARS: Bevel Gears, machine cut from Pearlitic Malleable Iron.
BEARINGS: Roller and Ball Bearings, with Reel Shaft running on Pillow Block Bearings.
FRAME: 3/16" Channel, 1" x 2" Welded supports
DRIVESHAFTS: Cold Rolled Steel.


BLADE: 1/4" Carbon Steel.
WEARING STRIP: 1/4" Carbon Steel.
CASTINGS: Malleable and Grey Iron.