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Snowblower Close Up
Removing Snow

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Power Does the Work!

No more clogged sidewalks and drives-no more hand shoveling with its hard work and danger to a suddenly over-taxed heart. When you use Gravely snow removal equipment, POWER does the work. You move the snow at your convenience-no waiting for someone to dig you out!

Remember this important fact when you consider snow removal equipment. Only Gravely offers you THREE attachments-the power-driven Snowblower, the Blade Type Snow Plow, and the power-driven Rotary Brush. Only Gravely has the complete answer to your snow removal problem! Because these three tools -singly or in combination-can handle any conceivable snow removal situation where small power equipment is used. Another vital fact: Only the Gravely Tractor has the power to handle the work these attachments perform! Snow removal is heavy work-it takes plenty of dependable power, good traction, and tools that are specifically designed for the job.

The Gravely has proved its worth by the many users in Industry, Cities, Schools, Hospitals. You canít go wrong with the time-tested Gravely snow removal equipment!


A few minutes with your Gravely Snowblower, and your snow troubles are blown away! The Snowblower handles snow up to four feet deep, wet or dry, hard-packed or powdery. Picks it up, throws it as much as thirty feet, right or left, at any angle! Donít worry if other snows come while the first ones are still banked beside your walk or drive- the Snow- blower puts the snow over the top of the deepest drift.

The heavy reel, gear-driven, cuts into snow crust and ice, breaking it into pieces and actually pulling the snow into the heavy duty gear-driven fan. There are no belts or chains to freeze, slip or wear on the Gravely Snowblower-it is all-gear, fully enclosed drive!