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Power Sprayer
Power Brush1
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Power Sprayer

Here is the Power Sprayer you need to insure your valuable crops, fruit trees and shrubbery against insect damage. Many other important jobs are done with this same attachment. When not in use spraying insecticide you can use it for watering lawns, washing cars and windows, whitewashing, disinfecting and cleaning stables, chicken houses and sheds, applying liquid fertilizers, fire-protection and cleaning driveways. The Gravely Sprayer has a tank capacity of 50 gallons, a spray capacity of four gallons a minute at a pressure of 300 pounds. Agitator is propeller type, driven by Vee-Belt, as is the pump, directly from the Tractor.
The wheels are 12 by 4 inches with 20-inch outside diameter. Since both the Tractor and Sprayer unit are equipped with pneumatic rubber tires, it can be used advantageously in many places about homes and estates because the wheels will not damage lawns or beds. Portability of an estate sprayer is extremely important. With large units it is sometimes impossible to maneuver them near enough to the job to do it efficiently.
With the Gravely Estate Sprayer and Tractor you have a unit that is small, convenient to handle, easily stored, yet one that has the capacity and the power to do more than a man-sized job.