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Blade Swivels
Dual Wheels
Extension Axles
Mow Under Trees
Sickle Bars
Sickle Grinder

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When your Tractor is equipped with either Dual Wheels or Extension Axles you mow slopes as steep as 60%. Either of these accessories lowers the center of gravity of the Tractor, and adds weight which gives more traction. You can mow almost anywhere a man can walk!


If you should happen to run onto an iron stake, or any other obstruction, the Gravely Safety Clutch will stall the mower without damage.


Three-inch and two-inch Cutter Bars are available. The three-inch bar is best for heavy work, the two-inch bar can be used as a lawn mower on rough or rolling lawns. The two-inch bar will cut within an inch and a half of the ground, and will do a smooth job. Standard length of the two-inch bar is 40 inches, of the three- inch bar, 42 inches. Special sizes are available.

Also of help, especially on pasture mowing, are skids. Gravely skids allow you to adjust the height of cut. Rivets, knife sections and guards are always available from your Gravely Dealer.

"Last August 1 purchased a Gravely Tractor with Sickle Mower for my Vermont summer place. . . . I had requested a demonstration since frankly I was apprehensive as to whether it would operate satisfactorily in cutting brush in an area where ledges were abundant and the contour of the land was such as we have in Vermont. The results were beyond my fondest expectations. Its maneuverability is such that it was quite unnecessary to do a "clean up" job with a brush scythe. Even a young lad was able to operate it satisfactorily. It is so sturdily built that I soon lost any fear of damaging it with rough treatment such as running into tree stumps or stone walls. You truly have a fine machine."

HERBERT E. WIGGIN Englewood, New Jersey

SICKLE MOWER SPECIFICATIONS>h4 SICKLE BAR: This consists of a conventional Sickle Bar with an oscillating mechanism. The drive Head is Iocated on the cutter bar for balance: has swivel action, allowing the bar to conform to the contour of the ground independent of the tractor.

GEARS: All gears enclosed in dirt-proof housings with Timken Roller Bearings and running in oil.

CASTINGS: All vital parts of the oscillating mechanism are made from chrome alloy steel with certified, malleable castings.

CUTTER BAR: The 42 Cutter Bar will cut from a 36 to a 39 swath and average from 3 to 4 acres a day in the roughest sort of cutting.

WEIGHT: 100 pounds. When packed. 150 pounds.