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Mow Under Trees
Short Work
Ground Contour
Steering Sulky

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"In January of ‘49 I purchased a Gravely Tractor, Lawn Mower, Cutter Bar Mower, Cultivator, Cart and Estate Sprayer. This equipment has had the hardest of use on rough hilly ground, some of it too steep to use a large tractor on.

Your advertising literature doesn’t do justice to this wonderful equipment for in every particular it has more than exceeded your claims for it.

What has pleased me is the trouble-free simplicity and ruggedness of both the tractor and equipment for it. Also ease of servicing."

MAURICE S. WooD 127 S. Hanover St. Carlisle, Pa.


Steering. . . just turn the wheel-like driving your car! Easy to operate.


. . . like power steering. One-finger steering, even over rough ground!


. . . instant response, for really accurate trimming and mowing work.,


. . . mows a circle 14 inches in diameter. You turn from one extreme to the other with only a single turn of the wheel! The 75-inch cut Gang Mowers make short work of large area mowing. The 25-inch Gangs are attached to to the 30-inch Reel Mower in a few minutes, removed as quickly.

The complete unit is power-driven. The Gangs float over the ground contour because they are attached to the Center Mower by a flexible coupling. They always follow ground contour, regardless of the position of the tractor wheels.

With the Steering Sulky, you will have a new and amazing experience in easy mowing-easy guiding and maneuvering. It takes the last bit of work from volume mowing, turns it into a pleasant and enjoyable task.

For a truly fine lawn, use the Gravely Gang Mowers to keep your lawn looking like a velvet carpet! SPECIFICATIONS

DIMENSIONS: Center Mower - 30-inch reel. Gang Mowers, each - 25-inch reel. Gang Mowers overlap Center Mower

SELF-LAPPING:Center units and Gang units are self-lapping by reversing Mowers. 2-1/2 inches. Cutting swath of complete unit is 75 inches.

GEARS: All gears are of machine cut steel and enclosed.

CASTINGS: Malleable.

BEARINGS: Timken Roller and Ball Bearings throughout.

CUTTING HEIGHT: ¾ to 2 inches.

SELF-LAPPING: Center units and Gang units are self-lappingby reversing Mowers.