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Tractor In Use
Reel Mower Close Up

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30-Inch Power-Driven Reel Mower For Clean-Cut Lawns

"A Fine Lawn Deserves A Fine Reel Mower"

You will be truly proud of your lawn if you care for it with a Gravely 30-inch Reel Mower.

The Gravely Reel Mower is built to the exacting standards demanded by men who do volume mowing at parks, cemeteries, and industrial plants. The Gravely gives you twice the power of the usual power mower- and 12 inches more cut each pass!

Only the Gravely Reel Mower gives you streak-free mowing. On most mowers, caster wheels support the mower in front. These wheels roll down the grass which is not cut by the reel following the caster wheels. The next day, the uncut grass springs back up to show as streaks in the lawn. But the Gravely Reel rides on rollers which follow the cut! You get smooth, even, streak-free mowing. reason for the remarkable smoothness of the Gravely Reel cut is Swivel Action. The reel actually follows the contour of the ground, independent of the tractor wheels.

The Reel is power-driven from the Gravely engine.

Since it does not depend upon traction, you get no "skips" in your mowing.

Many built-in safety features protect your investment. You have a spring loaded Reel that holds its adjustment, yet can "give" if you hit an object that would damage the Reel. Also, each Gravely Reel Mower is protected by the Gravely Safety Clutch which assures you that you will not damage tractor or attachment if you hit an obstacle.

The Gravely Reel is convenient to use and adjust. One turnbuckle controls height adjustment from ¾ to 2 inches, four bolts remove and replace the attachment. The design allows you to mow under trees and shrubs- and the reverse means you back up with power.

A Sulky-either the new Steering Sulky or the standard Riding Sulky gives you fast, almost effortless mowing.

You owe it to your lawn—and yourself—to see the Gravely Reel Mower in action.