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Mower Underside
Mulch Leaves2
Mulch Leaves1
Inching Forward

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Design Simplicity Means Low Cost-Low Maintenance!

This picture shows you the rugged construction, the complete simplicity of design that means long lasting satisfaction. The two knives are heavy, have curved tips that lift the grass into the fast-whirling blades that are slanted to slice-not beat-the grass! This means greater cutting efficiency.

The few parts mean low maintenance. The knives are sharpened quickly and easily. There are no complicated adjustments. . . simply change the collars for the height you require. These collars are different sizes, and by using them in combination you obtain a cutting height of from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches. NO MORE Leaf Raking-NO MORE dangerous leaf fires! Now you can say good-by to the back-breaking drudgery of raking leaves. . . the unpleasant smoke and danger of fire from leaf burning.

The Gravely Leaf Muicher attaches to the Rotary Knife Mower in a few minutes. Then off you go, clearing a 30" swath of leaves as you stroll along. . . watching the leaves vanish!

The Leaf Muicher is a perforated Rear Fender that catches and holds the leaves until they are sliced fine enough to escape the small holes . . . much more efficient than beating the leaves up with blunt or straight edges.

The slicing and lifting principle makes the Gravely Muicher effective even in deep, damp leaves!


DRIVE: Completely enclosed Gears and Splined Steel Shafts. GEAR: Steel Cut Alloy Bevel Gears.

HOOD: 1/8" Steel, Bands, 1/8" Steel.

BLADES: Two 30-inch Blades of Hi Carbon Steel, forged and ground cutting edge.

BEARINGS: Tapered Roller and Precision Ball Bearing at all points of wear.