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Field Mowing
Lawn Mowing

Page Text:

One Mowing Unit For Lawns and Weeds!

Now you cut the tough weeds, and the fine lawn, with one powerful Rotary Knife Mowing attachment!

The new Gravely Rotary Mower gives you a big cut -30 inches wide-to make short work of mowing jobs. Think of the advantages of one mowing unit to do both your mowing jobs! You mow the lawn cleanly and evenly, and at the same time get rid of unsightly Buckhorn and Dandelion stems. This gives you a cleaner, lovelier lawn. And the grass is not windrowed on your lawn . . . instead, most of it is shredded into a mulch that quickly decays into organic matter. This organic matter enriches your lawn, makes it better nourished! Then, with the same mower, you go right on mowing weeds, without loss of time! And when you mow weeds with the Gravely Rotary Mower, the weeds will practically disappear. When properly operated, the mower will cut and shred the tallest weeds . . . and remember this big advantage! The Gravely Rotary Mower is SELF-PROPELLED! No pushing or pulling . . . you just guide the Gravely, the Tractor does the work. You even have a reverse.

And the Rotary Mower trims and cuts closer to obstacles than the conventional mowers. You get within an inch of buildings, fences, walks-this saves a lot of hand trimming!